The first training session for 2018 will be on 28th January 2018 commencing at 9.00am




Active Members return Sunday January 29th 2017 from 10am



Beginners Registrations are Sunday February 5th 2017 from 9.30am


Christmas Party 2016


Members Christmas Party is on again on 18th December 2016.


There will be demonstrations at 9.00am - RATG, Obedience, Rally O


At 10.00am two classes 25 minute duration will be held


Then Fancy Dress, Santa, Lunch, Advance tricks and games etc. will be held.



Images from January 2016 Trials


Images from the recent Trials in January 2016 has been uploaded to the web site.

WORKING GUNDOG CLUB - RATG Training Program 2016


Check out details of the Working Gundog Club Inc Training Program for 2016.


Xmas Break up 2015


Xmas Break up and Family fun day will be held Sunday 13th December 2015.


We will resume 31st January 2016.



Any Club Member who obtains a Trialling title is entitled to apply for recognition from the club.


Download the Title Application Form - fill out the form and submit it to the Club.


You will receive your award at the next Handler's Day.




Mock Trials and Steward Classes will be conducted by your club in 2016. If you are interested in learing how to progress to trial your dog in either Obedience or Rally O.

Check out the details here



The Newcastle All Breeds Dog Training Club had 3 teams that competed on Saturday 25th July in the Interclub Challenge hosted by Blacktown Dog Training Club.

The Interclub challenge is a competition for all NSW clubs that wish to enter a team/s to compete against each other with the winner of the day hosting the following years competition. Each team consists of 1 CCD entry, 1 CD (Novice) entry, 2 Open entries and 1 UD entry.  There are no qualification certificates but it is run the same as an official trial.

Blacktown Club came first so are hosting 2016 Interclub Challenge.


I think we gave quite a bit of entertainment to the CCD rings, lucky there was a barrier of trees to hide it from the rest of the competitors. We all had a great day even though we had quite a few dogs who were first timers in their classes. The weather, hospitality and presentation was great.  Our combined picnic lunch was fantastic. We are now looking forward to competing in 2016 so any members interested in competing, get training and let us know. 


Thanks to all the team members.



Endurance Test


I’d like to share my experience with you of an Endurance Test.

An Endurance Test is a one-off trail that is a timed endurance test NOT a race. You are required to complete a 20km course at a steady pace of 10km/hr. on grass, asphalt and gravel. You are required to maintain your place in the group for the entire 20km.

We began our day at 6.30am arriving at the Bill Spilstead Complex for vetting, followed by an Obedience and Gaiting test. Ram’s heart rate, body temperature and condition of pads were Vet checked – the first of 4 Vet checks for the trial. After being allocated a starting position we lined up ready to start. The first stage of the test is 8km followed by a Vet check, then a 15minute break. Next is 6km followed by a Vet check, then a 20minute break, then the final 6km followed by a Vet check. The organising committee kindly supplied a very tasty breakfast and we were presented with our certificates. Hoorha!!! WE DID IT!!!! Time to drag ourselves home.


Ram and I began training for the test 4 months earlier in May and I have to tell you that we have found a most enjoyable form of exercise, I can actually move fast enough on the bike to let my dog have a real run/gallop and I can stay with her, a closely bonding experience and one that we will continue to enjoy. Completing the Endurance test has left me with a great sense of accomplishment and I am very proud of our efforts. You should try it, it’s FUN!