Courses & Grades - Incentives


At each of the three Sunday training sessions Instructors award BONUS BONES for demonstrated good work in Class.


These bonus Bones carry the Handlers name and are entered in a random draw completed in week 3 of every month.


The prizes are usually retail vouchers, one for first drawn and another of lower value for second.


You may enter every BONUS BONE awarded since the previous draw.



Handler's Day


In months where there are 5 Sundays there is a chance to show other members just how well you have trained your dog.Trophy


Members participate in Handlers day just by attending their usual Sunday Training session, wearing their membership badge and making sure that they are in the right training class grade.


Handlers Day Awards (Trophies, ribbons and Merit Certificates) are judged by Senior Instructors who are looking for the best performing dog and handler team in normal exercises usually trained at that class level.


Person and dog teams will not be asked to do any exercise they have not done before.