Courses & Grades - Promotion

  • Through the first two grades is automatic in both beginners streams.
  • At week 9 the two streams are combined and the first assessment of the dog occurs at week 12
  • On the last Sunday of each month an assessment of your dog's performance is carried out by Senior Instructors.
  • The Club records the achievement of all dogs after week 12.
  • Dogs are assessed in small groups completing only those exercises trained in class during the previous 3 weeks.
  • Only your dog's performance is recorded. But your interaction with your dog is extremely important and can make the difference between success and another month in the same grade.
  • If your dog does not succeed on the first attempt, do not be disappointed.

    Your Instructors will give honest feed-back and suggestions to help.


    Practice at home to fix that particular problem.


    Remember keep your home training very short ( 5 minutes max).


    Train at consistent times and fix one thing at a time over several days.