Canine Good Citizen

The Club APDT Logoregularly sponsors experienced Instructions to undertakeDelta Society a high level education program (offered through Delta Society Australia) that results in a Certificate IV level Dog Training qualification.


We then contract those Instructors to lead the Delta Canine Good Citizen™ course.







The Canine Good Citizens Program is more than just training. It is more than just teaching dogs to sit, stay and to come. It is about helping dogs and people live harmoniously together and increasing the human animal bond. It is about dealing with the whole dog and its relationship with the owner as well as its relationships with other people and other dogs.


The program has two components:

  1. Behavioural training : Dogs are trained using positive reward based methods, focusing on behaviours required for 'real life' everyday situations.
  2. Education for dog owners covering topics such as Canine Behaviour, Environmental Enrichment, simple problem solving etc.


We are about promoting the relationship and bond between people and dogs through the use of humane, scientifically proven training methods. We use positive training methods to coach you and your dog in the life skills required to build a strong and lifelong bond together and will support you in the journey of creating a Canine Good Citizen™ you would be proud of.


Delta Companion Dog Training classes offered are:

Delta Senior Puppy Program
Designed for puppies 13-24 weeks of age
Delta Companion Dog Program

(Designed for dogs aged 6 months and over)

This program covers basic good manners and behaviour management


We ensure progression at a rate appropriate for each client's skill level.

Both these programs are of 7 week duration (1 theory night and 6 practical lessons)

Maximum class size of dogs 6.

We also offer a 7 week program for Level 1 and Level 2 for those working towards the CGC Award

We recommend that programs run for 7 weeks so as to enable dogs and owners to gain a solid foundation in the basic skills. The programs are held of a Thursday evening with starting times from 5pm and 6.30pm


CNCC Grounds
Newcastle All Breeds Dog Training Club
Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough

Who are your instructors? Fully accredited & certified Instructors with the Delta Society Australia, who are members of The Association Pet Dog Trainers Australia.
For more Information.

Contact our Co-Ordinator: Joy by email: cgcthurs@gmail.com


in person for enquiry or registration at Newcastle All Breeds Dog Training Club grounds Hillsborough 10am-12 2nd Sunday each month