Courses & Grades

The club runs two beginners streams in parallel.

A new member may choose the stream they wish to use.Obedience

If you choose the Motivational group please try to indicate your choice before the first Sunday by contacting the Club




Class numbers: we aim for 15 dogs max but this is dependent on Instructor availability.

  • May have 3 different Instructors across 3 training sessions on any one Sunday.
  • Requires Handlers to choose most appropriate training patterns for themselves and their dog.
  • Good for dogs requiring dogs/people socialisation.
  • Use of food reward is handlers option.Training



    Motivational Training is the modern method of training and the preferred method of Obedience training as recommended by Dogs NSW (previously RNSWCC) RSPCA and Vets.


  • This is an eight week course - although we encourage our handlers to continue on with their training after this time.
  • Individual Instruction given by class instructor where a bond develops between Instructor, Handler and dog. Exercises taught are Heel, Sit, Stand, Down, Stays, Recall, Sit for Examination and also ways to overcome separation anxiety.
  • Small classes with up to 8 dogs in each class with dog socialisation and people socialisation being covered.
  • Very gentle method of training using food to motivate the dogs and to teach the exercise - once the dog understands the exercise the food is reduced.
  • Talks are given on Motivational Training Techniques, Pack Leader, Dog Problems, Dog Health, Children & Dogs, Games to Play with Dogs, Grooming, Doggy Toys and Tricks, Solving Boredom in Dogs and Car Safety.

    At the end of the 8 weeks the handlers are presented with a Certificate after they demonstrate the trick that they have taught their dog and the class is then promoted into Upper Green Class where they join with the general Obedience Classes to go on to do more advanced exercises in these classes.


    We have a limited number of trained Volunteer Instructors to lead groups in this course and we ask intending new members who want to take this option to contact us, by phone or training ground visit up to 1 month before their intended start date.