Dog School

Beginners classes usually commence on the first Sunday of each month, except January. Obedience Class


What to expect on the first day


A dog that is probably overwhelmed by the many people and many other dogs in the one place at the one time.


Talk to your dog try to ensure that the dog is paying attention to YOU.




All of the Club Instructors are VOLUNTEERS.


They may tell you many different things but among them there will be one training method that works best for you and your dog.


Listen as best you can and frequently practice things at home.


Expect a lot of barking noise, most of this is under control by the second week.Obedience Class


A very tired dog after the first training day is complete.


Please try to fix only one aspect of your dogs behaviour at a time. Dogs learn simple things really fast but often struggle when their trainer tries to do too much too soon.


Expect to have your patience tested but please try to remain calm and always treat your dog fairly.


Don't be concerned if you see classes already underway before you have completed joining up or even if you are a little late.


It is our aim to start beginners as classes fill for the number of Instructors available on the day.


All beginners receive the same starting class content. Obedience Class



What to bring on your first day


Try to arrive at the Hillsborough ground between 9.20am & 10am


A completed Membership Application form. (Download pdf or MS Word version)


The most recent VACCINATION CERTIFICATE for your dog (or a copy). Your Vet will supply a copy if you have lost or misplaced the original.


Money to pay your membership fee.


In addition to the membership fee a Ground fee of $3.00 is charged for the three training sessions over two hours each Sunday. Please bring along $3.00.


Please wear closed shoes, joggers are most suitable. BARE FEET, THONGS & SANDALS are NOT allowed


Bring your Dog.


Bring a lead. Collars and chains are discussed in the first class. The club sells high quality training collars and chains at very much cheaper than retail


Bring a plastic bowl or recyclable take away food container from which your dog may drink. You might also consider bringing a bottle of tap water from your home. 


Please lock your valuables in your car.


If your dog is a thoroughbred or show dog you may already be a member of DOGS NSW, if so, please bring your membership number.