Training Head Start

Here are some tips to help you get a head start with your dog's training.


Dogs like to keep it simple.


Dogs like consistency and learn human habits very quickly. For example they learn the times their human friends go to work and school and they learn the times they return.

Try to put your dogs life in order, fix the following times, meal time, training time, play time, walk time.

Once these times have been learnt your dog will not let you overlook them.

Dogs do not understand big words or complex ideas you cannot reason with your dog.

Among the most important words for your dog are:

  • Good dog!
  • Yes
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • No
  • Bad dog!

    If you expect a certain behaviour from your dog and it is demonstrated, and this applies especially if you command your dog to perform in a certain way, you should always REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOUR


    When puppies are still with their mother, a common  reward behaviour from the mother is a gentle comforting lick around the head or ears. A single gentle touch with a finger together with the words GOOD DOG! often works well.


    Dogs like to be with people! You can get a head start on walking comfortably on lead by not using one.


    Choose an enclosed space in your yard. Walk around the edge and across the middle your pup should follow. Whenever the dog is close to your left leg tell them they are a GOOD Dog and give them a gentle contact /touch reward.


    Practise this for five minutes over three days at roughly the same time each day.


    On the fourth day fit a collar to the dog and repeat the walk and reward process.


    Repeat on day 5. On day 6 fit a light lead to the collar but do not carry it.


    Just repeat the walk but make sure the dog pays attention to you and the walk.


    Encourage their curiosity about the walk, talk to the dog and try to encourage contact against the left leg.


    After a further two days on the 5 minute circuit, trying to ignore the collar and trailing lead, pick up and carry the lead but remember to always reward closeness to your left leg.


    NO and BAD DOG!


    If your dog has overstepped your rules and you have actually caught him in the act, you can indicate your unhappiness.


    But remember NO and BAD are really powerful words.


    Use them sparingly.


    Don't yell these words or mumble them, say them gruffly and like a low growl.


    After delivering the reprimand turn your back on the dog and walk away.


    If the dog then performs a good behaviour as if to regain your approval make sure you reward that, and try to forget the bad quickly because the dog already has!